Earn Big & Save More !

Upto USD 18K annually per physician with our Fixed Fee Plans.

We have designed exclusive & versatile pricing options and you can choose from a Fixed-Monthly-Fee pricing, Pay-Per-Claim pricing or a more conventional Collection-Percentage pricing model. We are confident that you’ll never have to spend more on your billing expenses, or worry about hidden charges when you choose Exponere as your billing partner. In fact, you’ll see that by choosing us as your billing company the overall costs are reduced to a bare-minimum with a positive revenue increase within the first quarter. We provide our clients the liberty to choose from any pricing option they consider is best suited for them.

Note: All of our packages include the same level of service, same value-added options and support services. The only difference is in pricing and not the service itself.

Do you have different Service Levels for each Pricing Plan ?

No, all packages have the same service level. We provide comprehensive medical billing solutions irrespective of the payment plans you choose.

Are there any Hidden Setup or Startup costs ?

No, there are absolutely no hidden costs associated with any of our plans. You'll only be billed according to the package you choose.

How long is the Transition Period to switch to Exponere ?

It can be as low as 5 business days depending on the software & clearing house you choose to go with.

Do you work with all Insurances and Claim types ?

We work with all national insurances including Govt & Commercial Payors. All claims are billed electronically and using CMS-1500 for insurances that do not accept e-Claims.