Affordable, Comprehensive & Efficient !

Most affordable pricing, Managed Billing Services and a highly Efficient team with passionate support
Transparent & Custom reporting, Remote IT Services and more ...

Lower Admin Cost

Increase your Revenue and business without increasing the billing staff and quickly reduce your administrative costs & overheads

Pure B2B Solution

A pure Business to Business Solution, all you need is a scanner, a PC, email, and an internet connection - we'll take care of the rest

Quality Control

Each claim is cross-checked against billing guidelines by our QA team to ensure the data entry operations are free of common errors

HIPAA Compliant

Compliance to law is a must. With our HIPAA-trained workforce we take it very seriously to safeguard the privacy of patient data

Diversified Pricing

Exponere Billing is one of the pioneers in introducing baseline billing packages to boost your profits with the most affordable pricing options

Follow-ups on Claims

A daily follow-up on unpaid / denied claims with payors ensure that no charge is left un-settled due to negligence on either end

Improved A/R

Our expert and dedicated team will bring your Accounts Receivables to a virtual zero within first four months by following best practices

Best Trained Workforce

Our Billing Analysts undergo a rigorous training program, followed-up by quarterly refresher courses to keep up with latest changes in billing

Save upto $18,000 annually per Provider

Exponere Managed Billing Services

  • Patient Demographics
  • Advance Eligibility
  • Charge / Claim Entry
  • Claim Scrubbing / QA
  • E-Claim Submissions
  • Acknowledgement Processing
  • Payment Posting (ERA / EOB)
  • Patient Statements Cycling
  • Denials / Appeals Handling
  • Transparency in Reporting

What good is the money you cannot claim ? Most In-House Billing Setups have to struggle with issues like Lost Claims and Low Collection on a regular basis. A very common problem with lower revenue is missing charges and poor data entry. The right solution is to hire professional Billing Services and in today's demanding healthcare environment, having a reliable Medical Billing Service is a must for every provider/practice. The decision however, is one of the most critical aspects of your practice. Choosing the right partner for your Medical Billing needs is difficult yet important. By choosing Exponere you can save thousands from your current billing expense as well as enjoy higher revenue and lower A/R with total transparency in the process and reporting.
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Exponere Billing takes pride in offering a complete billing solution with select Value Added Services (VAS) to neatly compensate back-office operations in addition to medical billing. Most providers can benefit from our carefully designed VAS.
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